General medicine department was established in January 2017.
The department trains specialists in pharmacy, cosmetology and stomatology reading both theoretical and clinical disciplines. The department delivers biology and fundamentals of genetics, fundamentals of microbiology, modern problems of molecular biology, microbiology and fundamentals of immunology, clinical immunology, normal and pathological physiology, general surgery (operative surgery and topographical anatomy), neuropathology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, otology and laryngology, ophthalmology,  phthisiology, oncology, radiology, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, and physical training.
The clinical bases for the department make up Odessa’s leading medical institutions which include: Military medical clinical center of the Southern region MDU; SI “Railway hospital SE “Odessa Railway”, city clinical hospital No 10, multi-profile sanatoria “White Acacia” and “Arcadia”.
 The department has been headed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Olexander P. Romanchuk since its foundation. The department staff includes Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Volodymyr O. Malinovsky, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor Tetyana V. Sochinska, Senior lecturer Oleg G. Kaliberda as well as Odessa’s leading medical practitioners including head of neurological department of city clinical hospital No 10, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor Vyacheslav Z. Skorobreha, surgeon of the city railway hospital, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor Mykola K. Malyarchuk, otologist and laryngologist of military clinical center of Southern region, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor Lyubov G. Petruk, head of surgery department of the same institution, Lieutenant Colonel of Medical Service Roman V. Yenin.
The department’s academic potential is supported by notable scientific achievements of the staff members.
 V.O. Malinovsky was invited to conduct research work in the USA following the defense of his candidate thesis in 1990. He started at the medical school of Iowa (Aims) and later, at the medical school of the University of Miami (Miami), where he conducted a whole number of fundamental researches and performed practical works studying cholestenone hydro peroxide and its impact on the development of atherosclerosis, performed cloning of galactosyltransferase and inhibitors metalloproteases, developed methods of isolation and cleaning of collagenases for the purpose of receiving islets of Langerhans from donor pancreases for transplantation and treatment of patients with diabetes. He applies a number of modern technologies of research of epigenetic changes in a human body. He has recently undertaken training at the American biotechnological company “Acron Biotech” affiliated with Atlantic University of Florida (Boca-Raton). Associate Professor Malinovsky has been working at GMD of IHU since 2012 and has authored 43 publications in leading scientific journals.
T.V. Sochinska matured as a scientist at Odessa State Medical University where she studied pathophysiological mechanisms of influence of excessive physical activities on a human body. Following the defense of the Candidate thesis she worked at Odessa State Medical University, Odessa National Economic University, and Odessa National Polytechnic University where she went on researching into the mechanisms of influence of various environmental factors on a human body. Since 2015 she has been working at GMD IHU and she has authored over 60 scientific papers and methodological works.
Senior lecturer of the department O.G. Kaliberda has been working at the University since 2003 and is a reputable specialist in the field of physical training, Excellent master of physical culture and sports of the USSR, Excellent Educator of Ukraine; he was awarded Honorable Certificates of the Committee for physical training and sports of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Odessa region state administration. His sports achievements – and Oleg Kaliberda is a Master of Sports of the USSR  in fencing, Champion of the USSR, Champion  of Ukrainian Competitions, two-time Champion of Ukraine, Cup of Ukraine holder, prize-winner of international competitions as a participant in the national team of Ukraine. His vast experience as the head of different institutions, namely he was the vice-chairman of Committee on physical culture and sports of Odessa Executive Committee of the City Council, the head of department of physical training and sports of Odessa National Polytechnic University, Odessa National Academy of Law and the International Humanitarian University, – all this allows him to implement modern methods of training and rehabilitation of students as well as innovative approaches in the system of physical training.   He has authored nearly 30 scientific and methodological papers. Despite temporary difficulties in the field he continues to propagate active way of life among the students and academics of the University and to train high-class athletes.
War veteran, the highest category doctor Vyacheslav Z. Skorobreha has passes a thorny path of becoming a highly qualified specialist in neuropathology; he started working as a doctor’s assistant in the anti-aircraft unit of the USSR and ended up the head of department of neuropathology of 411 hospital and chief neuropathologist of Odessa military district. Since 2000, he has been working as the head of neuropathological department of city clinical hospital No 10. At the same time, the experience gained prompted Vyacheslav Skorobreha to take up the road of scientific research, which logically resulted in the defense of the dissertation thesis "Diagnostics of motive conversion frustration and their rehabilitation in persons of young age" and granting the degree of Candidate of Medicine and the academic status of Associate Professor. Currently, Associate Professor Skorobreha takes an active part in training of neuropathologists. Ha has authored over 20 scientific papers published in leading journals of Ukraine and takes an active part in scientific and practical conferences and seminars, which are held in Odessa, other Ukrainian cities and abroad. He was awarded the medal “For Bravery”.
Mykola K. Malyarchuk, Candidate of Medicine, is an experienced orthopedist and practicing traumatic surgeon who has implemented new methods for treating patients with osteomyelitis and other bones pathology. For a considerable period of time he had been working as a lecturer at the department of surgery, orthopaedics  and traumatology of children of Odessa State Medical University. Later, working as a surgeon of city clinical hospital No 1 he launched “One-day-in patient project” where he worked out new and more discreet surgical interventions. Presently, Mykola Malyarchuk works as a surgeon at “Railway hospital SE “Odessa Railway” where he introduces new methods of operations. He has authored nearly 30 scientific papers and holds six patents of the USSR and Ukraine for inventions and useful models; he has made over 60 rationalization proposals. Associate Professor Malyarchuk has been working at the university since 2016.
Lyubov G. Petruk is an experienced surgeon of the clinic of otology and laryngology of the military medical clinical center of the Southern region, member of Ukrainian national Association of plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgeons since 2013 and member of Association of laryngologists since 2014. In 2015, she defended her candidate thesis "Sensory neurological and hemodynamic disorders at patients with acoustic traumas".  She has authored over 40 scientific papers, which were published in Ukraine’s leading scientific journals and presently takes an active part in drafting protocols of medical aid for victims in the zone of anti-terrorist operation.
Roman V. Yenin, Lieutenant Colonel of medical service, is the surgeon of the highest category. After graduation of Ukrainian military medical Academy in 2008, he started his career as an intern of the urgent surgery department, and then he was a senior intern of the clinic of coloproctology, head of the department of urgent surgery and finally, the chief of clinic of coloproctology. He is a member of European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (EAES) and Ukrainian Association of Surgeons. Since 2014 he has been taking part in the medical backup of anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine. He was awarded medals and citations of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and public organizations. He is engaged in developing video and endoscopic technologies for diagnosis and surgery of patients with abdominal wounds. He has authored over 26 publications in leading scientific editions.
Head of the department O.P. Romanchuk is the doctor of the highest category specializing in physical therapy and sports medicine; he is a reputable Ukrainian professional well known for researching into the human health and the impact of physical load on the organisms of healthy and ill persons, which is deeply enrooted in many years of cooperation with Odessa’s and Ukraine’s rehabilitative institutions and sports organizations. Among the latter the following should be mentioned: Odessa regional physical training and health center, clinical sanatorium named after V.P. Chkalov, rehabilitation center for disabled children “The Future” named after B.D. Litvak, SI of medical rehabilitation and resort study MHU, FC “Chernomorets” (Odessa), KNT “Burevestnik” (Odessa), Ukrainian national boxing team and Ukrainian Paralympic basketball team. Since 2007, O. Romanchuk has been a member of Association of sports medicine and physical therapy specialists; a member of International Federation of Sports Medicine since 2012, European Academy of natural history (Edinburg)since 2013, European College of Sport Science (Köln) since 2015. Dr. Romanchuk is a member of the editorial boards of scientific journals «International journal of applied and fundamental research» (Germany) and «Physical Education, Sport, Kinesitherapy Research Journal» (Bulgaria). He is a member of specialized academic councils for defense of dissertations in the following specialties: 14.01.24 - physical therapy and sports medicine and 13.00.03 - correctional pedagogics.  He has authored over 500 scientific papers, 300 of which were published in scientific editions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the USA and Poland; he is the author of eight monographs and 14 patents of Ukraine on inventions and useful models, and two copyright certificates. Two candidate theses were defended under his scientific supervision. Professor Romanchuk was awarded diplomas and certificates of honor for important contribution to science by Odessa department of education and science of Odessa regional state administration (2008), Southern Scientific Center of NAS and MESU (2011), department of education and science of Odessa regional state administration (2013).
The department’s academic staff constantly works at the improvement of the educational and pedagogical process and implements up-to-date educational technologies.
Doctor of Medicine, Professor Romanchuk, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor Malinovsky and Senior lecturer O.G. Kaliberda take an active part in the work of the department’s scientific society and training students for scientific and practical conferences.