The Department of Civil and Economic Law and Proceedings of International Humanitarian University was established in 2006 on the base of the department of civil legal disciplines. The establishment of the department was the result of formation and preparation of specialists in the sphere of civil, family and labor law as well as notary service, intellectual property law, advocacy who would be able to apply the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for further professional activity. Doctor of Law, Professor, Merited Lawyer of Ukraine R.M. Minchenko and Candidate of Law, Associate Professor A.L. Tkachuk contributed to the formation of the scientific potential and organizational formation of the department. Since April 2012 the department has been headed by Doctor of Law, Professor, Merited Lawyer of Ukraine O.S. Kizlova. The following department’s staff members make a valuable contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists: Doctor of Law, Professor O.S. Kizlova; Candidates of Law, Associate Professors L.V. Didenko, A.O. Zgama, O.S. Kuzhko, O.V. Syerykh; lecturers N.M. Denisyak, V.V. Andriyenko and office assistants O.V. Shagaka and A.O. Pavlyuk. In addition, other legal practitioners participate in the department’s work, namely Candidate of Law Yu.P. Ilyina who is a chief specialist of the department of control in the sphere of trade, works and services of Chief Directorate of State Food Consumption Service in Odessa oblast for consumers’ rights protection; Candidate of Law V.V. Holod who is the head of the personnel department of Odessa oblast Court of Appeal; K.I. Berezovska who is the press secretary of Odessa region economic court. The department sees its key task in directing efforts of its academic staff at the achievement of students’ high level of theoretic knowledge and practical skills. With this target in mind, an enhanced practical applicability of educational course has been developed; the students are involved in the practical skills acquisition through participation in the work of the Law Clinic, attendance of court hearings as part of practical lessons. The basic direction of the department’s scientific activity is the work at the theme for the years 2012-2017 “Private legal sphere in Ukraine in the context of European integration”. This research activity has resulted in publication of monographs, text-books, methodological manuals and scientific articles by the department’s academics. One of the basic directions of the department’s work is holding conferences, scientific seminars, round-table discussions and discussions on topical issues of civil law, family law, civil proceedings, economic law and proceedings, etc. The lecturers actively participate in organization academic staff and students’ scientific and practical conferences; they are participants in inter-university, all-Ukrainian and international scientific and practical conferences, which are conducted at universities and scientific establishments of Odessa, Kherson and Kharkov as well as in foreign countries (Moldova, Slovakia, Poland, etc.). The department’s staff members hold annual sittings of scientific and practical round tables and conferences headed by Doctor of Law, Professor O.S. Kizlova. It was only recently that the following events were held: round-table discussions “Civil liability: theory and practice” (2013); “The system of contract obligations securing in law and legislation” (2014); Internet conference “Substantive rights in law and legislation: development and present state” (2015); “Rights and lawful interests of legal subjects in the context of European integration” (2016); joint international scientific conference with the department of theory and history of state and law of IHU “Ukraine. Euro-integration. Intermarium” (2016). Annual students’ scientific conference “General theoretic issues of public and private law” has been held within the recent five years. The department’s academic staff constantly works at development and publication of educational, methodological and scientific literature aiming at scientific and methodological provision of the academic process in the department’s disciplines. Thus, Doctor of Law, Professor Kizlova edited the collective monograph “Certain types of contracts in the modern legislation of Ukraine”. The reviewers thereof were prominent civil law scholars Doctor of Law, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Merited Scientist and Technologist of Ukraine V.V. Luts and Doctor of Law, Professor, Merited Lawyer of Ukraine R.M. Minchenko. The text-book “Civil Law of Ukraine in additional questions and answers” was published reviewed by Doctor of Law, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine R.A. Maydanyk and Doctor of Law, Professor, Merited Lawyer of Ukraine R.M. Minchenko. The collective department’s monograph “Certain types of contracts in modern Ukrainian legislation” (Part 2) is being developed presently. Within the period of the department’s operation five Candidate dissertations have been defended. The department’s staff members maintain constant ties with reputable legal educational institutions and take an active part in conferences and round-table discussions, which are conducted by Uzhgorod National University, Kiev National T.G. Shevchenko University, National Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy, Kherson State University, Lvov national I. Franco University, Ternopol National Economic University, Institute of state and law named after V.M. Koretsky, etc. The academic staff of the department constantly improve their qualification. Lecturers and post-graduate students publish their scientific articles in the journals that are registered in the list of professional editions of Ukraine, namely “Naukovy Vistnyk Mizhnarodnogo Gumanitarnogo Universitetu” (Scientific Herald of International Humanitarian University), “Aktualny Problemy Derzhavy I Prava” (Topical Issues of State and Law), “Mytna Sprava” (Customs Service), “Pivdennoukrainsky Pravnychy Chasopys” (South Ukrainian Legal Papers), etc. Students’ scientific society “Tendencies of public and private law development” operates within the department’s premises; it researches into topical issues of civil law, civil proceedings, family law, economic law, labor law, etc. Students’ scientific reports on topical problems of civil, family, labor and other branches of law are heard and discussed at the society’s sittings. Presently, the department trains post-graduate students in specialty 12.00.03 “Civil law and civil proceedings; family law; international private law”. The department sees its key task in the improvement of the academic process and raising the quality of teaching civil legal disciplines as well as provision thereof with educational and methodological materials.