The Department of Economics and International Economic Relations was founded in 2006 as the basic graduating department of the faculty responsible for training specialists in the following specialties:
Bachelors – “Economics of Enterprises”, “International Business”, “International Economic Relations”.
Subsequently, the specialties on the preparation of bachelor's degree in “Entrepreneurship”, “Trade and stock activities” were opened at the department.
The department also prepares masters in specialties – “Entrepreneurship”, “Trade and stock activities”, “International Economic Relations”.
In 2015, the postgraduate study department was opened at the department in (the specialty 051 "Economics”).
In 2017, the department is ready to produce masters in specialty 051 "Economics" and in specialty 292 "International economic relations".
The training of competent specialists is provided due to the personnel of the highest qualification: Department Head - Doctor of Econ. Sciences, prof. Golovchenko E.N.; Doctor of Econ. Sciences, prof. Potemkin L.N.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Ananiev Ye.P.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Afonchenkova T.N.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Banasko T.N.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Zerkina O.A.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Korshunov V.S.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Gladchenko L.I.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Nesterova E.S.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Stepanova E.V.; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Shcherbata M.Yu.
There is a steady increase in the number of teachers with academic degrees and academic rank working at the department.O. Zerkina and K. Nesterova successfully defended their candidate’s theses during last two years. Nowadays all full-time teachers who provide the study process at the department have academic degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences in their specialties.
Teachers of the department take part in state budget themes: "Justification of the effectiveness of introducing innovations in industry and innovation policy in the region" (state registration number 0102U00ф1978), Doctor of Economics, professor Golovchenko E.N.); "Development of the policy of scientific and technological development of the Odessa region" (state registration number 0108U006736,  Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Golovchenko E.N.); "Formation of the competitiveness of the economy of the region of the Ukrainian Black Sea region taking into account exogenous and endogenous factors of innovation development" (state registration number 0103U001982, (Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Golovchenko E.N.); "Organizational and Legal Protection of  State Support of the Maritime Economy Complex Development in Ukraine" (state registration number 0112U000692, Ph.D., associate professor E.S. Nesterova); "Methodology of Regional Economic Development" (state registration number 0102U000369, Ph.D., associate professor E.S. Nesterova); "Mechanism for increasing the efficiency of Ukraine national economy functioning in the conditions of its transformation into the world environment" (state registration number 0110U000678, Ph.D., associate professor E.S. Nesterova). In the context of the general university theme, the scientific work of separate teachers of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department is aimed at specific directions and problems of the development of the national economy and is subordinated to the state budget subject, which is aggregated with the common theme of the department: "The problem of the efficiency of the national economy of Ukraine in conditions of adaptation to the world economic environment". 
Associate Professor of the Department E.V. Stepanova manages the international project “Black Sea Tourism Network” (creation of a network of Black Sea tourism for tourism development in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia), as well as the Scientific Network for the prevention of earthquakes, landslides and  prevention of flood risk (Serres University, Greece).
The staff of department takes part in continuing advanced training.  Among the basic institutions, where the faculty's members are improving their qualifications, one should call  Odessa National I. I. Mechnikov University; Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Environmental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Odessa State Agrarian University; Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement; University of Bologna; University of Malta; International Ocean Institute (Ostend, Belgium).
The fruitfulness and effectiveness of the scientific work of the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations are specified first of all in the papers, both at the university and international conferences. The results of this work are also embodied in scientific works and articles  published both in prestigious and recognized foreign periodicals and collections of the International Humanitarian University.
A significant result of scientific activity is the publication of research results, in particular, for the period from 2015 to 2016, teachers of the department have published 5 articles in editions indexed by the Web of Science, Index Copernicus, 8 articles in foreign professional editions, 27 articles in scientific professional editions of Ukraine, 10 Articles in other editions, 4 scientific monographs, 1 textbook, 4 teaching aids. Teachers delivered presentations at 23 foreign, all-Ukrainian and university conferences with the publication of abstracts and  getting certificates.
Teachers of the department took part in the training seminars of the department (in particular, the training seminar "Dispute settlement mechanism within the framework of the WTO and means of trade protection" (29-30.09 2016), in the organization and holding round tables on problems of the national economy, the economy of the enterprise and international economic relations. The teachers of the department developed and introduced into the scientific process the special courses "Institutional principles of the operation of sea tourism", «The means of state regulation of integration processes during the formation and functioning of the transports and tourist cluster» in the activities of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council (Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Nesterova E.S. 2015-2016 years).
A branch of the Department of Economics and the IEE of the International Humanitarian University has been established in the Research Center of the V.E. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking, where annually round tables take place on the problems of economic development of enterprises, the teachers of the department make scientific reports and take part in the Days of Science held at the Institute of Viticulture and Wine Industry.
Teachers of the Department conduct research work with students. Every year the lecturers of the department conduct the interuniversity scientific and practical student conference "Problems of increasing the efficiency of functioning of the national economy of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization" and the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Economics and Management: Contemporary Trends and Challenges", scientific reports of students are published in the Collection of Scientific Papers "Scientific Notes of International Humanitarian University".
Scientific work covers both teachers and students, and their interaction allows us to move from the level of using knowledge to the level of their independent production.
Several scientific student groups work at the department: "Efficiency of functioning of the national economy in the world", the head of which is the candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor Gladchenko L.I .; "Actual problems of the history of economics and economic thought and economic theory", which functions under the guidance of the candidate of economic sciences Associate Professor Ananiev E.P.
Students participating in scientific circles publish annually their works in journals and participate in conferences both held at the International Humanitarian University, and  other Ukrainian and foreign universities.
In order to introduce the latest scientific achievements into the educational process, to organize and structure the research, the production and the practical activities of faculty and students, the faculty on behalf of the University signed an agreements on creative cooperation with PJSC «Odessa Cable Plant “Odeskabel"», the National Science Center "V. Ye. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Wine”, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, LLC “Yug Agro Service”, LLC TP «Bulkin», Association «Port Community», and the Department of Science and Education of the Odessa Regional State Administration.
Teaching at the department is carried out with the use of new educational technologies, taking into account the current trends in the development of the national and world economy.