University News

“On February 15, our country celebrates the Day in honor of participants in hostilities on the territory of other states. Today’s date is of particular importance, as this year celebrates 30 years since the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.
The Afghan war had lasted for 10 years and became one of the most brutal and bloody. In this war, more than three and a half thousand Ukrainians died, more than 8 thousand were injured, half of them returned to their homeland with disabilities. Performing international duties in the most difficult climatic conditions under the enemy's target, many of them left in a foreign land the most valuable thing, which every person has - their own health. You may have different attitudes to hostilities in Afghanistan but whatever their historical assessment may be, it does not exclude the need for social protection of Afghans by the state. Physically and morally crippled by war, with many chronic diseases, these people often cannot earn a living and they are forced to live below the poverty line. Families who have lost their relatives in the Afghan war also need help and support.
In addition to the Afghan warriors, on February 15, it is also customary to honor the Ukrainian soldiers who performed international duty in Chile, Spain, Egypt, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Cuba and many other hot spots in the world. Creation of decent living conditions, proper medical care and psychological rehabilitation for soldiers-internationalists is our direct duty, because civilization and democracy of the state is determined, first of all, by the level of its specific care for the most needy citizens. On the Day of commemoration of participants in hostilities on the territory of other states, we bow down to the feat of the Ukrainian internationalists. Let's commemorate those who died in a strange land and take care of the welfare of those who survived!” - wrote on his official Facebook page the Deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Sergey Kivalov.