University News

At the meeting of the International Humanitarian University at the session of the dissertation council D 41.136.01., the dissertation was held in public by the pro-rector on educational and methodological work of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" Zavalniuk Volodymyr Vasilyevich on the topic "Anthropologization of law as a trend in the development of jurisprudence in modern Ukraine", submitted for the degree of Doctor of Law.

The presentation by V. V. Zavalniuk, with a report on the main positions and conclusions of the conducted research, served as the basis for a scientific discussion on the issues of anthropological understanding of legal reality and the deep foundations of human-law interaction.

In particular, the official opponent, S. V. Bobrovnik, noted that “V. V. Zavalniuk’s dissertation points to the anthropological aspects of the Ukrainian legal tradition, analyzes the potential of legal anthropology in the educational sphere and jurisprudence, clarifies the subject and cognitive tools of legal anthropology, discovers anthropological aspects of the typology of modern legal thinking, characterizes the informal law and clarifies the universal human dimension of the value of law, describes the anthropological internals of the modern power, shows the emotional and psychological side of a person as a subject of law and clarifies the anthropological components of the category "legal behavior".

Other representatives of modern legal science took an active part in the scientific discussion, in particular: Dodin E. V., Kansafarova I. S., Kosyuta M. V., Krestovskaya N. M., Kryzhanovsky A. F., Melnichuk A. S. ., Surilova A. A., Turcan-Sayfulina Yu. V., Fedotov A. P., and other scientists.

According to the results of the vote, it was unanimously decided to award the degree of Doctor of Law to Vladimir Vasilievich Zavalniuk.

We congratulate Vladimir Vasilyevich and wish him further success in his scientific work.