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“The long-awaited spring has come, and along with it a wonderful holiday - International Women's Day. On the 8th of March, we men, hurry to please those who give us their care and attention, inspire good deeds and new victories. After all, it is not for nothing said that a caring and loving woman stands behind every successful man. We have been given strength and courage from above to protect and make our dear mothers, wives, daughters, sisters happy!
Dear women! Nature has endowed you with incomparable beauty and inexhaustible energy, spiritual tenderness and selfless devotion, vital wisdom and incredible patience. You keep hearth and home, bring up children, achieve success in professional and social activities. As the famous aphorism says, first a woman gives us life, and then fills it with meaning - and these are the most correct words ever spoken about a woman.
We have protected your beautiful holiday of spring and beauty - the eighth of March! Its value cannot be overestimated. And henceforth we will not allow anyone else to question it! From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the brightest spring day on the 8th of March! Love and be always loved! Let the smiles never leave your lips, and spring always lives in the soul! ”, Wrote the people's deputy of Ukraine, President of the International Humanitarian University Sergey Kivalov on his official Facebook page.