University News

In the leading university of the Southern region of our country - the International Humanitarian University celebrated Women's Day March 8.
On the eve, teachers and students of different faculties gathered in a good festive mood and the President of the university, academician Sergey Kivalov congratulated them all. It was thanks to his parliamentary and public activities that this holiday was defended - dozens of actions to support March 8 “We will protect your holiday”, the deputy inquiries and appeals gave their result. Despite various attempts to ban International Women's Day, it remained festive at the state level.
Our employees are not only a beautiful half of the team, but more than half of them, and it is precisely due to the fact that so many women work at the university, during the whole period of its existence, we are certainly accompanied by success. - says the president of the International Humanitarian University Sergey Kivalov. - A woman by nature is given to create around her comfort, order and well-being, not only in the family, but also at work. Women do everything with a great deal of responsibility, conscientiously and efficiently, and most importantly - with love, so they manage to reach great heights in various spheres of life. International Humanitarian University is the best example. On the occasion of the upcoming holiday, I would like to once again heartily thank our dear women for spending so much time, effort and attention on their work, that you do it with love and good cheer, inspiring us to move forward to new victories . Without you there would be no our success and achievements! And in honor of this holiday, we raised wages to all employees, and especially women, by 20%. And although these are big expenses of the International Humanitarian University, we made such a decision, thankfully, we are a private institution and we do not need to coordinate this with anyone. In addition, on this day we gave all our employees solid cash prizes.
The university president also addressed all women with a warm greeting:
I sincerely congratulate you on the holiday, I wish you always to be loved and cared for by dear people. May children and loved ones always be healthy and achieve great success in life! Let work always be a joy, and in the kaleidoscope of vivid life events there will definitely be a moment for yourself, for your soul and for relaxation! I wish you the best way to spend this beautiful spring weekend! Happy holiday!
In addition to the concert, every woman received flowers and gifts - elegant silk scarves. The teaching staff and students of the International Humanitarian University are one large and friendly family that meets together for the New Year, the Knowledge Day, the University's Birthday, and other holidays. According to the women themselves, the atmosphere of respect for each other and mutual help reigns in the university.
This holiday brings joy, happiness, positive emotions. Women come out with flowers. And what we, women, need - smiles, flowers, that our husbands, our children, loved us, that there was comfort, warmth, joy and only positive emotions from the festive concert, from the surprises prepared by teachers and students. All women with an upcoming holiday! And thanks for today's holiday to the leadership of the university, the trade union committee of teachers and our president, Sergei Vasilyevich Kivalov, thanks to whom this event has become traditional.
 - Jana Titska, deputy director of the Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations, shared.
International Humanitarian University employs women from different professions - philologists, lawyers, economists, dentists, representatives of creative professions. All of them are brilliant specialists in their work and well-trained students from 48 countries of the world.
On this day, we are waiting not only for flowers and gifts, but especially for the acts of men. I wish all the sea of ​​happiness, flowers, and as a dentist, I wish everybody more smiles, so that our people always smiled at all circumstances, even life's difficulties, retained this positive, which is characteristic only to Odessa citizens, so that they did not lose their sense of humor, and everyone was happy.
 - Professor of the Department of General Dentistry of the Medical Institute of the International Humanitarian University Yulia Gennadyevna Chumakova regretted.
First of all, I am very glad that we have this holiday. And thanks to Sergey Vasilyevich, he defended this holiday. We have a really wonderful atmosphere today, a holiday of spring, women, we had wonderful congratulations, a wonderful concert. All this creates a pleasant and unique atmosphere.
- says the head of the department of management Tetyana Derkach.
The festive atmosphere was also facilitated by the wonderful spring weather, which could not but pleasing women who shared their emotions with pleasure.
Today is a very bright, spring, beautiful holiday organized by our employees, our leadership. The male, strongest half of our team, headed by the president of the International Humanitarian University Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov, presented us with a real holiday, a smile, a good mood. Of course, they are pleasing to us every day, but today is a special holiday, therefore, we express our deep gratitude to the entire women's team of our International Humanitarian University. For warm words of greetings, for flowers, and most importantly, for pleasant emotions!
- thanked the chairman of the Union of the International Humanitarian University Julia Sharapanovska.
Today is such a wonderful day, and on this day we received congratulations from our leader, the president of the University Sergey Vasilyevich. Very emotional poems, wonderful music, emotions are overwhelmed. Thanks for the flowers and warm words.
 - noted the assistant professor of economics and international economic relations Oksana Aleksandrovna Zerkina.
For me, the spring began only today. This is the day we received our first flowers, first greetings, pleasant words, and today it is a very pleasant weather, it is also pleasing to us, it is greeted on March 8th. I hope that such a mood will continue with us by the end of the school year and our students will enjoy us as always.
 - added the senior teacher of the Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages ​​at the Institute of Linguistics and Translation Yulia Koltsova.
On behalf of the whole women's group, I want to express my deep gratitude, first of all, to Sergei Vasilyevich Kivalov for this holiday and, of course, to our male college of the International Humanitarian University. On this day they made a really bright and colorful holiday. It already becomes a tradition for us, and the women's team is crazy about it.
 - added the senior lecturer of the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations Raisa Raicheva.
The tradition of welcoming the beautiful half of the team on the eve of March marks the foundation of the International Humanitarian University. And to the traditions in this university are a special responsibility. The concert presented all unforgettable impressions, good mood and a lot of positive emotions to all present.