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The open all-Ukrainian tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling in memory of Honored Coach of Ukraine Konstantin Pulcho  takes place in Odessa for the seventh time. The tournament is attended by 220 young athletes aged from 8 to 16. Among the participants are teams from all over Ukraine, as well as from the near abroad – Molodova and Transnistria.

“Konstantin Konstantinovich Pulcho invested a lot in the children, whom he trained. I am one of his students. Of course, his goal was to make us worthy athletes, but, above all, he educated us as the right decent people” - says the president of the Federation of Odessa region of the Greco-Roman wrestling Ruslan Almanov.

For the second time already, the tournament in memory of Konstantin Pulcho takes place in the sports complex of the International Humanitarian University.

“There is a very convenient sports ground here, and I would like to say a few words about this gym and about what Sergey V. Kivalov is doing. I know him because I studied at this university. This is a man with a capital letter, his acts go much ahead of him, because such people do a lot for the development of education, sports and in general for the development of Ukraine and our city,” - said Ruslan Almanov.
Athletes and judges are also satisfied with the organization and conditions of the competition.

“This is my first time in this sports complex, but the conditions here are at the highest level. There are three carpets here and a good organization, I am very pleased. I believe that today this place can hold tournaments on a large scale” - noted the judge of the international category of Kiev Grigory Vaskovsky.
Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the most ancient sports. Like any sport, it promotes self-discipline, strength of will and character. Many coaches start practicing with future athletes from 5-6 years old, however, children are allowed to participate in the competition at the age of at least 8 years old. Heretofore, they are engaged in gymnastics, somersaults, stretching, but they do not participate in the wresting. This sport is considered traumatic and purely masculine.

14-year-old Alexander Shkolniy from Odessa has been engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling for 10 years. During this time, he has already successfully participated in the All-Ukrainian Championships, and now he is preparing for the European Championship.
“As a child, I was often sick, gasped, so my dad decided to take me to the sport, and then everything went away. I like the Greco-Roman wrestling, like throws, acrobatics. This sport produces willpower, fortitude” - shared Alexander Shkolny.
To become a real athlete you have to train a lot. Children attend training three times a week, gradually moving to 5-6 times.
The coach of children's sports school number 16 in Odessa, the master of sports of Ukraine Andrey Derkach trains athletes aged from 7 to 21.

“I have been doing Greco-Roman wrestling since 2nd grade. For us, this is life. We live this sport, every day from morning to evening. Now I am no longer an athlete, but I still work with children on the carpet, work out and polish the technique. Recently we arrived from the European Championship. Our titled athlete Vladlen Kozlyuk took 3-5 place. Of course, educating the champions is a lot of work, but much depends on the work of an athlete” - shared Andrei Derkach.
The organizers of the competition also note that with each passing year the number of participants that Odessa hosts is increasing.

“More and more people go to Odessa, because they love our city, and we try to hold competitions beautifully and make all the conditions for people to come here. And the sports complex of the International Humanitarian University is a very convenient place for this” - said Ruslan Almanov.
In September, the Greco-Roman wrestling federation of the Odessa region is planning to hold a Ukrainian youth championship here. Such competitions, according to Ruslan Almanov, have not been held in Odessa region for nine years. In addition, an annual tournament in memory of Ivan Grigorievich Tolmachyov with whose name is associated the development of Greco-Roman wrestling in our region is held in the sports complex.