University News

The 32nd beauty contest “Miss Odesa - 2019” will be held on August 8th with the support of the citizen of honour Sergey Kivalov. The current finals will feature 18 contestants. Girls aged from 16 to 24 spent a few months preparing for the contest and have successfully passed the casting, although in the very beginning of it the amount of participants reached almost 400. An outstanding stage that lies practically in the water has been constructed for the finals of the “Miss Odesa - 2019” contest that will begin in one of Arcadia’s night clubs at 7 p.m., and various guest stars have been invited to attend.
“For many years this contest would take place on the New Year’s Eve – in December. And finally, this year we’ve decided to hold it in the summer. Why the summer? Because there are many guests in Odesa at this time. This project is intended to serve as the continuation of the most fascinating festivals that take place in our city”, - noted Tatiana Savchenko, Director General of the “Miss Ukraine-South” national committee.
It’s worth noting that among the finalists of the last year’s main beauty contest “Miss Ukraine - 2018” were two girls from Odesa – Veronica Shuvalova, a student of the National University “Odesa Academy of Law”, and Daria Shcherbakova, a student of the International Humanitarian University.
It should be reminded that the main title in the “Miss Odesa - 2018” beauty contest was won by the student of the National University “Odesa Academy of Law” Veronica Shuvalova. It has already become a tradition for the students of the Odesa Academy of Law to win titles in the main beauty contest of our city. In 2017, the title “Miss Odesa - Worldwide” was won by another student of the Academy of Law Victoria Melnichenko, who had showed amazing results at all stages of the contest, including the intellectual part.
In previous years, the students of the National University “Odesa Academy of Law” also received the main crown of our city. In 2015, the title “Miss Odesa” was granted a student of the National University “Odesa Academy of Law” Christina Honcharova, who also won the title “Miss Tourism Ukraine Worldwide – 2017”.