University News

The Ukrainian and German Languages Year at the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation of the International Humanitarian University continues! The joint project of the Department of Germanic and Oriental Languages and the Agency of the German Academic Exchange Service in Ukraine presented Interuniversity Methodological Workshop "Using Videos at German Lessons".
The workshop for German teachers of IHU and ONU named after Illya I. Mechnikov "Videos im DaF-Unterricht" is another successful project of the department of Germanic and Oriental languages with the representation of DAAD Agency in Odessa in the framework of the German and Ukrainian languages year.
The use of modern multimedia - cinema, radio, television, sound recordings, computers - is based on the versatile and increasingly comprehensive consideration of the psychological capabilities of the human body. Research shows that under condition of simultaneous visual and auditory perception up to 65% of the information is absorbed. Video materials make classes interesting, increase the level of motivation for German study, give the opportunity to work with authentic models, and are one of the main components of modern educational technologies. Therefore, the training of a modern teacher in the use of video materials in order to teach German is not only appropriate, but also necessary.
The DAAD lecturer in Odesa Ms. Regina Uhlen, DAAD Linguistic Assistant Mr. Michael Mroz and Austrian Germanist Mr. Yunus Özbek participated in the workshop. They revealed the theoretical aspects of this topic and held master classes in the use of authentic video films in German lessons, demonstrated the use of methodological guidelines for working out movie footages. During the seminar, examples of tasks and systems of exercises for films were shown and practiced. We are sincerely thankful to Regina Uhlen, Yunus Özbek, Michael Mroz and colleagues from Mechnikov University for cooperation!