ISSUE 5. 2013


Lykova V.V. Jewish farmers in the Southern Ukraine: legal aspect
Zaytseva K. B. On some aspects of ethnonymy of the Northern American Indians: Part II. The  Arctic cultural region of USA and Canada of Archaic and Paleo periods
Jafaeva G.M. Funeral-burial rites of the Mari of the northwest of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Barinov I.I. Slovakian troops in the occupied Ukraine territory, 1941-1943: Presentation of a Problem



Bogataya L.  The problematization of theme of thinking
Spaskov A.N. The structure of time in the transitive phase concept
Elez A.J. On the Question of the Place of Aristotle’s Doctrine of Matter and Form in the History of Materialism
Golovneva E. V. The forms of representation of ethnic self-consciousness in the space of culture
Dobrodum O. Neo-Hinduism and its Virtual Sacral Geography
Kryzhanovska T. A.  Moral Foundations of Communication
Nykytchenko O. E. Rationalization of worship acts as a convergent process in modern religious life
Artamoshkina A.E. Body/Image/Type: the Analysis of Biographical Forms in the Culture  



Vitman K.N. Tragedy of Volhynia as indicator of the ethnic and cultural split of Ukraine
Milova M.I. The Republic of Bulgaria: from the Tarnovo Constitution up to the European Union
Naumkina S.M., Maslov Yu.K. Reasons of the configuration changes and conditions of the functioning of the systems of power in societies of today
Pidzhakov A.Y. Russia’s international cooperation in the struggle against terrorism at the turn of the XX century
Esikova T.V. Influence of law realization development level of young specialists on industrial internalization
Nebredovskaya V.V. Political advertising as a factor of rising of legal awareness