List of specialties


Institute of Law, Economics and International Relations

  • 081 Law
  • 082 International law
  • 262 Law enforcement activities
  • 056 International economic relations (specialization: Hotel-restaurant business)
  • 074 Public management and administration  
  • 051 Economics (specialization: Finance, credit, insurance business)
  • 076 Business, trade and exchange activities
  • 071 Audit and  taxation
  • 123 Computer engineering
  • 073 Management (specializations: International and national tourism, Project management, Management of financial and economics activity, Business administration, Customs activity)

Faculty of linguistics and translation

  • 035 Philology (English, German, French, Chinese languages)


Faculty of Arts and Design

  • 022 Design (specializations: Graphic design, Visual communication design)
  • 021 Audiovisual arts and production (specializations: Announcer and  TV programs broadcaster, Sound engineering, Film and Television operator, Television engineering)


Odessa Medical Institute

  • 226 Pharmacy
  • 224 Technologies of Medical diagnostics and Treatment  
  • 221 Dentistry
  • 226 Pharmacy (specialization: Technology of perfumery and cosmetics products)


Medical college of Odessa medical institute

  • 226 Pharmacy


College of economics and law

  • 013 Elementary education (the English language, specialization: teacher of foreign language)
  • 022 Design (specializations: Graphic design,  Visual communication design)
  • 051 Economics
  • 071 Audit and taxation
  • 072 Finance, banking and insurance  
  • 076 Business, trade and exchange activities
  • 081 Law
  • 123 Computer engineering


Other branches of educational activity:

  • Training of foreign citizens at the full-time, extramural and extramural-distance  modes of studies according to basic accredited specialties;
  • Training of foreign citizens for entrance to higher educational institutions  of  Ukraine 
  • Language courses  (Ukrainian, Russian, English, Turkish, Polish, Georgian, Chinese, Arabic languages, the Persian language) .
  • Programs  of double diplomas.

To be accepted to studies in the International Humanitarian University the student has to follow the existing procedure:
At first student has to obtain the invitation for the studies so he can resume visa application (the countries that don’t have visa requirement skip this stage). To obtain the studies invitation in IHU student has to provide the following documents:
a) copy of the Birth certificate; - it has to be notary certified according to the Ukrainian acting law in the relevant country and legalized respecting all correspondent procedures.
b) copy of the citizen’s passport – should be translated to Ukrainian and English languages.
c) copy of the passport for travelling abroad – should be translated to Ukrainian and English languages.
d) medical certificate of health condition, that was certified by correspondent state medical institution of the country, where the student comes from and released not later than two months prior to entering to Ukraine for studies – certificate should be certified according the acting laws of the country and legalized respecting all correspondent procedures.
e) document that certifies the negative AIDS status of the person, else the opposite is provided by bilateral agreements of Ukraine and correspondent country.
f) copy of the document of education and marks – it should be certified accordingly to the state acting laws and legalized respecting all the correspondent procedures.
g) 24 photos, size 3,5х4,5 mm;
After receiving the invitation for studies on behalf of International Humanitarian University and Ukrainian visa release in the country of origin, foreign citizen is admitted to the studies in the university at the chosen department in chosen section (Ukrainian, Russian, English). If student chooses to study in Ukrainian or Russian section, he needs to pass additional 10-months long preparatory course, where he studies correspondent language and other subjects, taking into consideration the specialization of chosen profession. If he chooses English section – foreign student will undergo the oral testing and basis this will be admitted to the studies on 1-st year of the IHU University.


Dear entrants!
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