Student goverment

Trade union committee of students
Kara Anna
The head of the primary professional organization of students
Nicolas Uchava
Chairman of the student government
Popova Nicole
Chairwoman of ILEIR
Volkova Julia
Deputy chairwoman of ILEIR
Shulim Sergey
Chairman of OMI
Krutij Gleb
Deputy chairman of OMI
Dodonova Lily
Head of the FAD
Mikheeva Karina
Deputy chairwoman of the FAD
Smirnova Anna
Head of the FLT
Kerbut Tatiana
Deputy chairwoman of the FLT
Student self-government is a form of self-organization of students, independent social activity, a mechanism of representation and defense of their rights and, most importantly, the possibility of self-realization of the student as an open, purposeful and educated person.

The main tasks of student government:
Defend and protect the interests and rights of students;
to present and express the position of students;
assist students in solving problems related to study, university or dormitory;
to inform students about future activities;
to promote the creation of appropriate conditions for study, living and recreation of students;
to organize scientific activity and extracurricular life of students: leisure, sports events, rest, etc.
Student government has the following powers:
to resolve issues within the competence of the Student Self-Government;
to make for discussion and (or) voting decisions made by student councils of faculties (institutes);
use the educational, scientific, industrial, cultural, sports, household and health facilities of the university;
to be represented in the governing bodies of the International Humanities University;
independently and independently decide on issues related to their activities.
Student government also has the following responsibilities:
direct their activities towards the interests of students;
to protect the rights and interests of all university students without exception;
strictly adhere to the legislation of Ukraine and the Regulations on Student Self-Government of the International Humanities University;
to inform university students about future events;
report to students about their activities.
Typical areas of SS activity:
Housing and household direction
Student media
Research activities
Learning process
Students' rights
Assistance in organizing interest groups and clubs


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